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4,5 Sterne aus 1990 Bewertungen
21 Sep 2021 um 20:15 Excellent burger shop in Berlin
21 Sep 2021 um 19:00 Pommes total labberig…. Der Burger ist viel zu trocken,werde wohl endlich mal wechseln…
20 Sep 2021 um 10:38 Top quality
16 Sep 2021 um 9:44 Excellent and consistent food quality. You can taste the kitchen loves what they do. Keep it up like this - we love it. Delivery is speedy too, 4 times in a row, delivered hot and faster than indicated by lieferando, every time. Love it.
15 Sep 2021 um 17:51 Nun zum zweiten mal waren die Burger pattyies Roh. Schade
14 Sep 2021 um 23:12 Food is usually good here, this time it was not. My burger was shabbily put together, one tomato slice and a bit of onion smeared into the bread. Just looked like poop and lacking any class. Taste was okay but I feel ripped off by the lack of ingredients
13 Sep 2021 um 11:32 35 Minuten angezeigt - 65 gedauert.
13 Sep 2021 um 9:19 enjoyed the taste of burger